Friday, November 19, 2010


The 4 and almost 6 year old have been asked to clean their room this morning.
The following has been OVERHEARD.
Da DA DUM! HAVE to clean.....H. A. F. T. O.!!!!
OK Gwen, I'm gonna count to three and then you have to be cleaning.....1....2.......3........
OK, let's start that over again.
Gwen! Look you swaddled your baby!
.....and this says, "If you swaddle your baby then you have to clean your room
when you're done."
Gwen, if you don't clean then I'm not going to be on your team.
*sung* I'll clean my half of the clean your half of the room.....(etc)
I'm only gonna clean if YOU clean!
Well, I'm only gonna clean if YOU clean!
Well, I'm only gonna clean if Lula (a doll) cleans!
And Lula is going to clean!
(But the doll doesn't start cleaning and on and on and on it goes.)

I missed a LOT of the interaction between the two and as usual it ended up with Ella begging me to give Gwen a different job. I've tried to explain to Ella that she needs to be an example by just digging in with what needs to get done, but nothing has changed. Until I give them separate jobs, they both just argue incessantly about the other one not cleaning.

Tell me that one day these girls will be best friends!?!?


AnaLisa said...

One day they will be best friends! XOXO

Sabrina said...

Oh Marmee,
Amy & Jo really do love each other, but right now they just get on each others nerves. They'll be dear kindred spirits one day!

(i really hope you get this reference of I am going to sound like a weirdo!)