Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ella is 6?

Ella celebrated her 6th birthday the day before Thanksgiving. Per her request we had waffles for breakfast, Taquitos for lunch and chicken "stuffed with spinach" for dinner. This year she wanted a Texas sheet cake (hello my double chin) making it the 2nd one I'd made (and consumed) in a week. I did have a little help.

Oh, my adorable little Ella. She is turning into such a sweet and smart young lady. So easy to please, she is in heaven to have alone time with me as she "fixes" my hair or reads me a story. Always quick with a hug or a kind word, she is also the ham of the family, though no outsider would know it.

I feel incredibly privileged to know the uninhibited, dramatic, and truly funny girl that Ella is at home. And man, can that girl sing! Until, of course, she knows someone is listening. My favorite is to eavesdrop as she belts out "Tomorrow" from Annie in the upstairs hallway where she has apparently discovered the great acoustics.

Aaaah, Ella, I am so proud of you!

And just look at my mom!
Isn't she stunning?
Everywhere I go people think she's my sister.
So either I'm looking older than my years
my mom's unmatched positive attitude
and exuberance for life
are the secret to youthful beauty.

Ella got just what she wanted.....
a cabbage patch doll
with curly red hair!
(thanks for doing my big city shopping, mom!)


Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Ella! What a sweet girl!

I have a similar picture of myself opening my first cabbage patch doll! Some things never change! :)

Anonymous said...

А! Je viens d'ajouter votre flux à mes favoris. J'aime beaucoup lire vos messages.