Friday, July 10, 2009

The day Joolee picked the olives off her frozen pizza.....

........and nothing more.

OK. I suppose I DID empty out our vintage pop-up camper that lost it's pop-up (cable broke).

Here the kids are using the old cushions for their "bunk beds."

And I suppose I DID read and attempt to decipher the instruction manual of my not so new camera.

But I did NOT get my 3 year old dressed.
Or fix her hair.

I suppose I DID put on my running shoes.......
but only to baby my feet after wearing heels for 7 plus hours yesterday.

I did NOT wash the pizza off the girls' faces before taking their pictures.

So that's about it folks.
A perfectly beautiful summer day.......
and me enjoying my perfectly lazy life:)


Rachel said...

cute pictures of cute girlies!

Also gave me a craving for Tony's Mexican frozen pizza - the only pizza I actually like olives on.

Sabrina said...

All the pictures are fantastic! Esp. the one of YOU!!!! Rock on with your bad self!!!!

Jeanneoli said...

Love all the photos and the day sounds perfect!