Friday, July 3, 2009

My Flag

By Addie (written at age 7)

My flag is so beautiful,
my flag is so fun.
How many flags like this are there?
There is only one.

It blows in the wind,
what a beautiful sight.
It blows in the wind
all day and all night.
It blows in the wind like a beautiful kite.
It has 13 stripes,
some are red, some are white.

It blows above hills,
it blows above cars.
It looks like the night
with it's pretty white stars.

.......I think she she wrote more, I just can't track down the finished copy.


Billi Jo said...

Cool poem Addie. I really like the new Picture on your blog...Simply Beautiful!

Sabrina said...

Nice job Addie!!!