Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sometimes you've just had enough.

Enough of the shower leaking down onto the kitchen floor......leaving a big slippery puddle for young children to slip on before you can finish your shower and mop up the mess.

Enough of the clogged kitchen sink full of disgusting water and enough dirty pots and pans impatiently waiting on the counter for someone to fix said clog.

Enough potlucks.

Enough dirty pots and pans knocking a bowl of Cheerios onto the hot burner you are using to prepare food for the potluck.

Enough stink and smoke from the roasting Cheerios.

Enough popcorn spilled over quite enough of the living room floor.

Enough cramping.

Enough whining.

Enough fighting.

Enough dirty laundry strewn about the house.

Enough laundry in heaping piles in the basement.

Enough cold. Cold feet. Cold hands. Cold bones.

Enough bills waiting to be paid.

Enough fat around your middle.

Enough mildew appearing in the corners of your bathroom ceiling.


Enough food to eat.

Enough clean water to take a shower.

Enough blankets to sort-of take the chill off.

Enough clean clothes to get you through another week.

Enough lil kisses and backrubs to help ease your cramping.

Enough strength and mobility to reach the corners of the bathroom ceiling.

Almost Enough money to pay the bills.

Enough good friends to keep you smiling.



Sabrina said...

That was lovely!

Billi Jo said...

Amen to enough!

Rachel said...

Well said!

The Three 22nds said...

love it! Just what I needed to hear this morning :) And probably tomorrow morning and the morning after that. I should just put it as my home page :)

Heather of the EO said...

I cried.

Heather of the EO said...

Oh and I LOVE the header.

Rachel said...

Thank you for this post...puts everything in perspective just when I needed it most!