Wednesday, February 4, 2009

100 things about me

This, folks, is my 101st post which I understand warrants the sharing of 100 random facts about myself. Luckily I just finished 25 random things for that facebook "tag" that is spreading like wildfire, so skip to #26 if you call me a facebook friend.

1. I can't resist pinching a naked baby/toddler butt.
2. I thoroughly enjoy a good Q-tip.
3. I'm a sucker for anything shabby or vintage......and if it's vintage green.....I'm hopeless.
4. I am somehow related to Sammy Davis Jr.
5. I always pictured myself having 4 boys.
6. My four girlies are totally obsessed with Kung Fu......thanks to the movie.
7. I was a tomboy and frequently heard "That's so unbecoming of a young lady!".
8. If I had the money and the body, I would wear feminine vintage dresses everyday.
9. I have a fake tooth thanks to Rachel and an incident with a basketball.
10. My hands are currently black and blue after playing volleyball with a rock. Apparently I don't know how to hit the ball properly.
11. I wanted to play the clarinet when I was younger, but I had huge buck teeth so my parents made me play the trumpet to help push them back in my mouth.
12. I like to use big medical words because it makes me feel a little better about paying my school loans.
13. I would rather play racquetball than do just about anything else.
14. I can hambone. But I don't know how to spell it:( ??
15. I don't see any point in cleaning the house unless we're having company.
16. I love to have company.
17. I am a bargain hunter.......last deals I snagged were LOTS of fruit/jello cups at 4/.25 :)
18. I would rather have Steve bring me a dozen lotto tickets than a dozen roses.
19. I eloped and highly recommend it.
20. I never buy anything from infomercials.
21. I once bought Hip Hop Abs from an infomercial.
22. I wish I was a hip hop dancer.
23. I wish I was an OB nurse.
24. I wish I was a back-up singer for Jason Mraz.
25. Even though I "wish" to be things I am not, I absolutely love my life!
26. I have a celebrity crush on Jon Cusack.
27. When I play poker I answer to "shooter" or "Jaymoney."
28. I was once chased by a buffalo. For realio!
29. I can juggle. 
30. I finished a marathon. I suppose for the sake of integrity I should mention it was an in-line marathon.
31. When I was a kid I shaved my arms with my mom's razor. Now I have hairy arms:(
32. Cooked carrots make me gag.
33. I have to fight the urge to pluck Josie's eyebrows.
34. I love magazines, but I rarely read them. I just look at the pretty pictures.
35. When I was little I wanted to be a mom and a singer "better than Sandi Patti."
36. I can't get thru a day without singing to my girlies in my loud obnoxious old lady opera voice.
37. I love to listen to "naughty" secular radio while running errands by myself.
38. I was once called "the Rachel Ray of Duluth."
39. I was once called a "red-headed rutabaga" by a boy on my bus.
40. I have not mastered the "squat and pee."
41. I bite my nails.
42. I'm a picker/peeler. "Oh give me your scabs......your burned and peeling backsides....."
43. I am the queen of coupons.
44. I just inherited a sewing machine.
45. I don't know how to sew.
46. I dream of sewing beautiful slipcovers for all my crusty furniture.
47. I don't have pierced ears.
48. I almost never wear jewelry other than my wedding ring.
49. If I had a son I would buzz his hair so I could rub his prickly head.
50. I often visit Cath Kidston's online store and fill my "cart" with items I would love to buy, but I never check out.
51. I have two 2 years older, one 2 years younger.
52. My first job was a paper route. With my brother.
53. I got a job at McDonalds before I was legally old enough. With my brother.
54. I worked at a hardware store. Where my brother had worked.
55. I once flipped a 6'2 hardware store coworker over my back to demonstrate my self defense skills. He didn't think I could.
56. I love banana Laffy Taffy and would eat it and read the jokes with my friend Rachel as we priced the greasy nuts and bolts at the hardware store.
57. I worked as a homemaker/companion for the elderly. Without my brother......
58. Until the son of a client exposed himself to me in her basement. I quit.
59. I worked at a dude ranch just outside the Rocky Mountains one summer. I was a maid/waitress/dishwasher/hog-slopper/entertainer. 
60. As a waitress I was responsible for breakfast entertainment which involved juggling eggs over someone's head while singing You Are My Sunshine.
61. I know how to dance the Texas Pretzel.
62. I absolutely love dark rainy days.
60. I've always named my cars.....Nigel the Mustang, Mogley the Omni, Crusty the Tempo.....
61. I HATE opening gifts in front of people.
62. I can recite several Dr. Seuss books by heart.
63. I love Mystery Science Theater 2000/3000. My kind of humor.
64. I never had an epidural.
65. My 4th child was 11 pounds.
66. I can't sleep without my body pillow.
67. I don't enjoy talking on the phone.
68. I worked in the admissions office of my college making phone calls to recruit new students.
69. I don't have pets, but I have names picked out for them.....Granby, Hartley, Pinckney, and Mrs. Bissell.
70. I am a night owl.
71. I love knee highs.
72. I adore garage sales.
73. I have been collecting old children's books and magazines for some kind of project. I don't know what yet.
74. I collect letters......scrabble letters, old word game letters....old letter stamps.....
75. I am anal about how my laundry is folded.
76. I am a super speedy test taker.
77. I can be very impatient.....working on it.
78. I took an E.M.T. class in high school.
79. My team of 4 took 3rd place in the state First Responder competition.
80. I was a certified CPR instructor.
81. Listing 100 things is harder than I thought it would be and I feel like I'm bragging.
82. If our mighty oak ever falls down I will cry and then sell the house.
83. My room is always a mess.
84. I have entered contests in attempts to win a bedroom makeover.
85. I have a hard time finishing the things I start.
86. I hate being the center of attention.
87. I dream of being a talented photographer.
88. I took chemistry twice.
89. I dissected a human.
90. I love to plan parties.
91. I have a hard time enjoying a date knowing that the longer we're out the more $ we'll pay the babysitter.
92. I got married in a bridesmaid dress with rings bought for a quarter from a machine.
93. I brush my teeth too hard and too long.
94.  After graduating I got a job as an OT teaching life skills to boys who had been abused and neglected.
95. Steve and I got pregnant shortly after I started that job and I spent much of my time there cleaning my own projectile vomit from the bathroom walls.
96. I fell in [parental] love with a 15 year old boy who lived there and spent a lot of time thinking about adopting him. Alas....the small age difference was an issue.
97. I love softball.
98. I have very little depth perception.
99. I failed my first drivers test.
100. I am unable to end my love affair with peanut butter.


Rachel said...

Wish I could say I learned more about you, but I know you too well, I guess. I still don't know who/who Cath Kidston (sp?) is, but I'll figure it out in the near future. Oh, I'm sorry about the tooth! I remember that night pretty vividly - bowling and trying not to laugh so as not to expose your jagged front tooth to anyone. For all the bizarre stuff we did as teens, you're lucky it was only a tooth you lost.

Kim said...

Hey, I'm somehow related to Sammy Davis Jr. too! Oh wait, that's cause you and I are related. Crazy.

I have to ask, is the "naughty" secular music just secular music which some people think is naughty, or is it actually naughty, like Kanye West? I had to stop listening to my Kanye when I thought j's first word was going to be the effinheimer.

Oh, and I totally wanted to be better than Sandi Patti when I grew up, but that girl has a crazy high range.

Sabrina said...

I do the same thing at Cath Kidston... and anthropologie...
Loved all the things you wrote. Thanks for sharing!

Kristi said...

What do you do with all of the letters you collect? I see what you did in the header here, but what else do you do with them?

Sabrina said...

Love the newest header! perfectly julie!

joolee said... "effinheimers" but definitely innuendo. Innuendo with a kickin' beat:)

Kristi, most of my letters are stored in blue Mason jars on my window sill. I've used some to make cards. I'm feeling creative juices starting to un-stagnate themselves, so perhaps I will have something to show soon. I bet you have some good to share?