Sunday, December 13, 2009

Smooth Steve

An hour before our church/elder Christmas party tonight Steve shaved his goatee. There had been facebook talk that it would make him look younger and possibly help him find a job in this tough market. And so he did it. His whiskers in a jar made for an entertaining white elephant gift. And he does look younger. Much younger. He's had facial hair (per my request) pretty much since we got married 11 years ago. Now I can't stop staring at him and I'm afraid it's kinda creeping him out. I can't get used to it. He looks like the boy I dated instead of the man I married. Ella cried when she saw him.....not just a whimper, but a full blown totally devastated wail......"I DIDN'T WANT DADDY TO SHAVE!!!!!!"

I think I may have wanted to cry just a little bit too.

pictures to come.


Rachel said...

I'm a little scared to see him myself.

Kim said...

Still waiting for pictures...

Why won't my husband listen when I say I want him to keep a goatee?