Monday, April 21, 2008

So after I posted my last entry I came across the blog of a woman with 2 young children whose husband just died very unexpectedly. I bawled my eyes out and felt absolutely horrible for whining about Steve and his gift giving impairment. Truth be known, I am a very lucky girl and could absolutely NOT go on without him.............Ok. I was totally just about to describe in detail each and every characteristic that I love about my man when he came into the room and asked what I was writing. He then pretended to freak out that I was revealing his inadequacy in this area and told me to quote this..."Fine then, I won't buy you ANY gifts. Not even a freakin' Whoozit!" In case you don't know us, our relationship thrives on "pretend" arguments like this one.

I realize how overwhelming and boring a blog can be when written novel style like my last two posts. So I will end with a conversation I had with Ella earlier today. E- Mommy, what day is today? M-Monday. E-But Addie told me it was spring! M-Monday is a day of the week and spring is a season, so it can be Monday and spring at the same time. E-OOHH! (light bulb goes off) They're mixed in together out here? :) Gotta love her!

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Sabrina said...

Julie is a blogger! WOWY ZOWY I LIKEY!