Saturday, April 19, 2008

potty talk

Addie's birthday is tomorrow, and since we have church and a picnic at the lake and possibly a movie planned, we let her open her gifts tonight. The gift ideas she gave me were a camera, a fishing pole set, and Zoobooks (a magazine she saw on a commercial). Yesterday I just happened to find a stack of OLD Zoobooks at the MACHE convention for a quarter each.......she LOVED them and had no clue they were from 1986:) I couldn't bring myself to buy her a camera and how often would she really go fishing anyway anyway? (Also, my feet weren't capable of taking me anywhere but home).... So I picked up an educational game and fun sketchbooks/notepads at the convention. The game is called Some Body and it's all about anatomy and physiology (for kids). I just had to get it! Anyway, after sticking the decals of each body part on the guy outlined on the game board, I decided to quiz them with the provided questions. Keep in mind they were already quite giggly about me trying to describe the bladder by using the term "pee sac." So I read the card that asked "Which body part can detect odors"....I was explaining that odor meant smell so that Ella would get the answer right when Josie interrupted by yelling "your butt!" Let me clarify that she did not mean MY butt, but rather ANY butt. They all started laughing hysterically, and I have to admit I joined in.  

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