Thursday, March 24, 2011

Something about Mary

I have an amazing friend named Mary. In my world, all people with the name of Mary are amazing.......sweet, generous, thoughtful, and just plain good. This Mary is no exception. She is an excellent listener, sparkling conversationalist, thoughtful and generous, (several of my all time favorite gifts were from her!) and she has the heart......oh, her heart.......what animal has a huge heart? The heart of an elephant?!? Hmmmmm. She is always giving.......her time and her church, her charities, her friends, and the beggars on the streets of Vegas. By comparison, this girl's heart makes me feel like the Grinch who stole the beginning of the story! She is amazing!

Mary and her hubby Troy
last week in Vegas!
Another little something about Mary is that she is incredibly creative, crafty, artistic and disciplined. She may have snagged not one, but two book deals, is about to teach some crafty community education classes, and quite recently has started BLOGGING! Ever humble, when I mentioned that I would like to send all 5 of my readers in her direction, she begged me to leave out the part about the book deals and instead wanted me to tell you that she is DESPERATE to gain followers of her blog. So go! Check out my amazing friend Mary! She blogs frequently and get is all useful, how-to info you can use yourself! Go! Follow! I am so proud to call this gal my friend!


Michaele said...

Will do!

Tim & Sabrina said...

I will go check her out! And... Just saw on FB about your barn. How awful! Thank God everyone is okay. But I do hope you find your cat!

Sabrina said...

The last comment was from me, Sabrina. I was signed in as my husband with the Tim & Sabrina comment. :)