Friday, July 30, 2010

On feeling sorry for inanimate objects

So it started when I was a kid.....
You know, I had my stuffed animals take turns sleeping with me in my bed
so none of them would feel slighted or left out.
Tell me I'm not the only one........

It's been years since I felt sorry for a non-living thing,
but a few months ago at an auction
where I was waiting to bid on my kitchen chalkboard,
an old painted brown dresser with long spindly legs hit the block.
The bid might have started at $20......I don't remember.
It was ugly, yes, but a solid piece of wood furniture nonetheless.
I watched, heart racing as it tends to do at auctions,
while the bid dropped to $10.......
then $5.......
then $2.......
I inched my way toward the dresser to inspect it more closely......
drawers worked....
no water damage......
why didn't anyone want this poor abandoned dresser?!?
The bid dropped to $1
and STILL no one flashed their bidder number.
And so, feeling sorry for the poor unloved dresser,
I involuntarily flashed my number and announced
"my husband is going to kill me!"

Of course, in my excitement to transform the poor dresser into something fabulous
I forgot to take a "before" picture.
I unscrewed the long 60's style legs,
primed it,
painted it, (thanks Betsy, for sharing your wonderful paint color)
added some vintage hardware I had saved from another fab find
and had Steve attach some garage sale casters.
Our new, extremely functional entertainment center!


Betsy said...

Well done, Julie!

gma pam said...

I like your new chicken picture, Julie! You are great with a little creativity and elbow grease!

amandakweaver said...

You are a genious! Steve better not have been mad at you. I think I also felt sorry for non living things as a kid too--but I don't really anymore. Maybe just my car I had to sell that had been with me for ten years. Yeah...I felt a little like I was selling my child, or at least a pet!