Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Juicy Roost

So, what do you think?

There has been talk that we should give our new acreage a catchy name.....
you know, like Sleepy Hollow or Green Gables or something.

With lots of blackberries on the property I thought maybe something like
Blackberry Barns.
But today something else popped into my lil old brain
as I was weeding yet another flower bed......
and I loved it
I was able to picture it on business cards
and jelly jars
and on an old chippy barnwood sign
pointing people in the direction of our annual barn sale.

When I called Steve with my revelation I made him promise to think about it awhile before giving me his opinion.
He has a way of squelching any and all ideas that I think are fabulous.
Sure enough, he was unable to hold his tongue and immediately responded with,


I still love it.

Though we don't have chickens quite yet, they ARE in the plans.
But even if not......

Juicy: temptingly appealing

Roost: a place to settle or congregate (for rest or sleep)

OK....honestly. Tell me what you think.

Let me just say.....I have big plans for Juicy Roost.....
Plans that may or may not involve

cute labels on jars of homemade blackberry jam,

healthy stinging nettle tea
(I am drying the leaves as I type)

homemade baked goods
(including delicious and nutritious constipation cookies)

farm fresh eggs

rustic barnwood signs

colorful repurposed furniture
with vintage paper lined drawers

altered art composition books

vintage fabric creations

wildflower bouquets in blue mason jars

and maybe even on-site event planning
(i.e. weddings and showers).
Have I mentioned I was incredibly tempted to bid on about 10 old banquet tables
that sold at a recent auction for ONE DOLLAR!!

Watch out people.....I have awfully big dreams for

Juicy Roost.

Don't stop me now.

Unless of course Juicy Roost really does
sound like a skanky motel.


Rachel said...

I'm gonna go google and goodsearch and see what comes up...

Sabrina said...

I LOVE the name!!! It's fun and different and whimsical! I love your ideas and I wish I lived closer so I could get in on that!!!
I am building a chicken coop and getting chickens too! But I have to write a letter to the city council for approval. I need to live in the country!
Good luck with Juicy Roost!

Mo-tel hotel said...

It does sound a little skanky. But don't worry, you only have to rent by the hour.

kellyjo@chef.net said...

Wow. Pretty much love Juicy Roost and the images surrounding your description. But it also sounds ever so slightly like a chicken restaurant...and about 5 percent what Steve said. Then again, it really sounds ALIVE, like your place is fairly bursting with enthusiasm, flavor, and good lovin'!!

kellyjo@chef.net said...
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amandakweaver said...

Juicy Roost--you are quite a creative woman! And event planning--that's great! My husband is currently bashing the name with your husband as we speak, but I admire your new found country style!

Betsy said...

Love the name! We've been trying to come up with one for our acreage for two years now, so I'm very impressed with your speed and creativity.