Thursday, August 13, 2009

An update......unedited and uncut

  • is on day 2 of her Atkins induction. Gotta lose 10 pounds by the 21st in order to win a cash prize from a friendly competition.
  • is officially the proud owner of a monarch chrysalis. And lots of caterpillar poo. Who knew?
  • is too hot to handle. Uugh. This weather!
  • is scrambling to find a box big enough to mail the Land of Nod quilt she bought for $10 (at a garage sale) and sold for $75 (on eBay)!
  • is looking forward to some delish streaks on the grill tonight. Mmmmmm.
  • wonders where all her clothespins went?
  • just killed a HUGE bug in the bottom of a laundry basket downstairs:( And is wondering where they could squeeze in a main floor laundry.
  • is gonna wash that stinky vinyl shower curtain.
  • has been getting lots of great deals at Cub and Walgreens:)
  • is sending out invites to a teeny tiny tea party.
  • is wondering about Josie's wardrobe choice for the day. Jeans and no shirt!?!
  • is surprised how little the family misses their TV. Going on 3 weeks now.
  • saw Julie & Julia Sunday night and was inspired to blog and cook, though not necessarily inspired to blog about cooking.
  • is gathering her fall curriculum.
  • is limping around after getting back on the P90X legs wagon yesterday.
  • is thrilled to be welcoming a new niece and nephew into the family soon......Jason and Becca are now able to adopt their 2 lil cuties!:)
  • is dreading the start of fantasy football season.
  • had a wonderful time with her family who came up to visit last weekend.
  • fears she will be disappointed by every future agate hunt after finding the agate of a lifetime.
  • is loving the blog 100 layer cake.......and wanting to plan a wedding or formal party of some kind.
  • is savoring a cup of sugar free jello with whip cream as she types this with 2 fingers.
  • feeling like a selfish jerk as she eats said jello while Gwen stares at it longingly. Aspartame is not for kids, people!
  • is gonna end here.

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The Three 22nds said...


My kids sport the jeans and no shirt look all the time...except usually without the jeans.

Count your blessings :)