Saturday, April 25, 2009

My baby is 8!

Addie turned 8 on Monday! I will spare you the emotional details of how I'm feeling about my firstborn......the "prettiest thing I ever saw" (the words I cried when she was finally safe in my arms) and her much too quickly passing childhood. Just know that I am so very proud of my baby girl:)

We decided to spread her "party" over the weekend, mostly because it's fun to celebrate sweet little girls who are very easy to please. Addie requested a Subway picnic and a trip to a park "with a big field where we can run."  We didn't exactly find a big field, but there were plenty of trails for hiking and a high tower overlooking our beautiful city.

Ella insisted on wearing flip flops.

This is what we call dressing in layers,
a "must-do" in our area any time of year.


Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Addie!

Heather of the EO said...

Happy Birthday!

Beautiful pictures, lady.
Those girls are completely precious. It does go too fast, doesn't it?

Kim said...

8! Are you kidding me!?!?! How quickly it goes...

Can I meet the little two before they turn 8?

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Addie Jo! I remember listening to your first cries over the internet as I was far away when you were born. I also remember your mama saying, "oh, my baby, oh,my baby!" Sweet memories! Seeing you grow in your mommy's tummy made me long to be a mommy myself.
May you continue to grow in God's grace!

Kristi said...

What beautiful little girls you have!