Sunday, January 11, 2009

stinky invalid at 32

Tomorrow is my birthday. Although I still feel like I'm 18, the fine lines swirling around my eye sockets won't deny my true age. We had some friends over Friday night.....our usual Catan/poker crowd. Steve, the little brat, called everyone earlier in the week to inform them it was a surprise birthday gig for me. So someone made a cake and they brought gifts and the whole deal. I hate surprises and I hate being the center of attention, (remember how I eloped?) but I survived. We have such a fabulous group of friends....I'm so thankful. And someone even made a heartfelt speech about how our little group really is like family. Very nice.

So yesterday was the last day to try the YMCA for free and we managed to get last minute court time to play our "you guys are like family" friend in my favorite game ever. Racquetball!!! I used to play in college every free chance I got.......between classes.......after lunch.......middle of the night..... Good times. Steve and his friend Brian and I used to spend hours (literally, hours!) playing cutthroat at Eastern Michigan University. Those were the fittest days of my life. Anyway, I don't think I've picked up a racquet since getting pregnant (8 years) until yesterday. As out of shape as I am, my racquet skills were intact for the most part and I was actually giddy with excitement to be wailing on that ball again. We played for more than an hour and by the end I was fire engine red and absolutely spent, but definitely on a post exercise/just fell in love again high. I L.O.V.E. racquetball!!!!! 

Fast forward to today. I. am. so. sore. My butt muscles are screaming out in such pain that it's keeping Steve awake at night. My right arm and shoulder are practical immobile due to yesterday's excess of activity, and to be entirely honest, I am having a hard time wiping my own booty. An hour of worth a day or two of stank.


Nikki said...

I've been thinking about racquetball off and on for a couple of months now. Sounds fun, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't play so good anymore and I would feel like you do for days after. Those were fun times at Oak Hills. Squeezing in a game whenever possible.

Sabrina said...

When did you post this? I am not seeing until today?
Ive missed you!
Hope you had a great birthday!

Tammy said...

You crack me up!

I enjoy racquetball, too, but haven't played since high school.