Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pillow Talk: A Joint Effort


I am THE husband.  I don't do blogs.  I'm being held captive in my own king size bed against my will.  Joolee promised me a few favors if I cooperated.  So here's me throwing caution to wind.  (Closed circuit to Jules:  Is that good enough?  Can I go to bed now?)

J: Seriously? I knew this would happen. So much for our serious conversation about Christmas trees and acceptable Hanukkah presents (Steve thought one crayon a day for eight days would be enough to knock the kids' socks off). If we're not gonna share our heated debate about the upcoming holidays, then maybe I should insert a video clip of your smokin hot dance moves from earlier tonight? 

I would like to respond to a few things from that short, but oh so witty snippet.
One:  I was thinking of those real fatty crayons.  You know the ones with all the girth?  They look like little colored cigars.  By the eighth day they would be begging for the orange one to complete the set.
Two:  Since you brought up the X-mas tree...  I'm not a big proponent of any heathen phallic symbol in our house let alone one I have to water or paint so it keeps it's color.  
Three:  I couldn't help but sense a bit of sarcasm in your "smokin" comment.  Were you really impressed with my free style or was that just your way of saying I looked like I was about to overheat?
Now can I go to bed?

That, folks, is Steeb's big debut as a blogger. No longer can he openly mock me in front of his blog-hating friends or I will bury him alive along with his smokin hot dance moves. FYI....although he is about to saw some serious logs (logs with the girth of the Sequoias) he is already plotting future topics for Pillow Talk: A Joint Effort. So out of respect for his fragile ego, please refrain from commenting about the lameness of this post. This is what happens when two people are too lazy to get off their butts and go get their Bible study workbook out of the car or even watch T.V.(because they are participating in the Neilson Ratings and have to document everything they watch for a week in exchange for some cold hard cash.) It's dark in here and I can't see to type. Goodnight.


Sabrina said...

Its so like steve to use the word "girth"...
Aww you guys are cute!

The Three 22nds said...

Funny post!

Noah's boss didn't ever want a Christmas tree for the same reasons...but he gave in for the sake of this wife and his kids :)