Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A fabric giveaway

Some friends and I have been talking about learning how to sew. Keep in mind, by "learning to sew" I hope to create to-die-for shabby chic slipcovers for each and every piece of our crusty furniture. Hey, if you're gonna dream, dream big, right? Steve's grandma gave me her old sewing machine last summer and I think it's about to take the awkward journey from the basement up into our living soon as I put away the clothes in those five laundry baskets and file away all the paperwork that has been accumulating over the past 3 years.....THEN there just might be enough room to squeeze that machine between those 4 child identification kits Steve was suckered into buying and our rowing machine.

So yes, I take a four week blogcation only to come back and post something in an effort to win free stuff. How selfish am I? But look how cute this fabric is?

Go check out the springy Pixie Dust fabric giveaway at the lovely Farm Chicks blog.

Now excuse me while I go pick money off my money tree to send to the IRS.


Stacy McCallum said...

Thank you for posting Joolee! I'm glad you and your girls came to an agreement! Your comments were so sweet.

Sabrina said...

I love giveaways!!!
fun fun!