Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joolee is........a giveaway

Joolee is......

....feeling nostalgic 
as she tries to decide what to do with the 
crib skirt 
she made with her mom 
watched her mom make
while eagerly awaiting the arrival of her 
first girly. 
Where did the time go?
Valances vs. lampshades? 

.....thinking that Josie is pretty cute minus a front tooth.

 .....wanting to "treasure up" Josie's adorable lisp before 
her new teeth grow in and she leaves yet 
another phase of life 
in the dust.

.....about to use her birthday $ to bid on an Anthropologie gift card so she can 
get a discount on some 
non-garage sale Corelle 
happy bowls like these.


....finally announcing her giveaway..... altered composition book and feminine rubber gloves 
for digging the sewage out of the clogged up kitchen pipes. 

To be entered to win leave a comment 
about how you will use the journal and/or gloves.
I will try to announce the winner next Monday.

Good luck!


Rachel said...

Well, the journal I'd use as a journal (given!) And those pretty pink rubber gloves. . .well, I can handle pretty much anything w/o gloves, except maybe apply Bengay to my husband's hard-working shoulders. It's inevitable that when I touch the stuff, I won't wash it completely off and some part of my hand will be throbbing for hours. Or better yet, after apply it the last time, I wiped my hands on my washcloth in the shower and then proceeded to use the same washcloth to wash MY FACE a couple hours later. My one eye was painfully numb for at least two hours.

Heather of the EO said...

The journal: All my favorite quotes from "A Spot on the Sopha"

The gloves: gardening? dishes? cleaning? No, I think I'll have to go with...
looking like I'm working really hard when Ryan walks in the door.

Sabrina said...

I will journal endlessly about how bad I felt about always sneaking into your dorm room to steal your Vanilla Lotion.... It will be my penance.

The gloves will be used to shabby chic white wash\distress something on some piece of furniture that i might just find at a garage sale this summer.

Billi Jo said...

I recommend making the crib skirt into a Valance.

I would use the journal to collect my favorite scrapbook layouts and/or card making ideas, however, a book that fancy would more than likely be stolen to “write” lists in be one of my three girlies….as for the gloves I would hang them ever so cleverly in my craft room to remind me that I should be the feminine role model my girlies need…

I am sooo jealous that you were in Anthropologie, with out me.

Kristi said...

The WORDS journal looks like the perfect place for me to write words from the WORD--I want to write down in one place all the Bible verses that have to do with prayer or with the Holy Spirit living in us and communicating God's Words to us. I want my own little concordance. The gloves--I have the perfect use. My hubby, Kevin, loves to garden, and he WILL wear these. And then I'll take a picture and post it on my blog!

Karin said...

I think I'll steal my friend Kristi's idea for the journal, except my quotes wouldn't be limited to prayer and HS.

And the gloves? Some days, I really hate touching plate stuff when doing dishes. So I use gloves. But the ones I have now are too small. But they're better than the ones I used to have, which were both left-handed. I would like a new pair. And the fact that they're pink is even better.

The Three 22nds said...

I would use the journal to keep track of stuff my kids say and do. Since I never do that and never will unless I have such a beautiful journal to write them in.

The gloves...oh, I am sure I could come up with some domestic project...